Bleach: Episode 280

Captain Soifon Looks
Ohh sweet Captain Soifon… your eyes… they pierce my heart, and captivate my soul. I’d show you my special ops and love you like the goddess that you are LoL. Wait… where’s your other arm? Fuuuuuuuu!

Soifon looks... at you!

It’s ok, you know what they say… you only need the lower body. GO! TO! DMC! Oh wait… wrong show…

Meanwhile, Hiyori and Chibi-Captain Toshiro have their little moment. She may look like a little girl, but Hiyori is probably a couple hundred years old. She wants what girls want…

Hiyori Looks

Are you into touching ladies' bodies??

Hiyori can't hear Toshiro-kun

Just do it phaggot-shiro!!

While they work out their business, Barragan shows off his tight kicks.

Barragan sick of ants

Ohh… it’s on now, foos…

Barragan has new shoes.

Taste my new white shoes, bitches! This ain’t no local mall special!

They stare back at him in awe. Shit, if I had the shoes of the god of Hueco Mundo, I’d be dumbfounded too!

Where did Barragan buy those shoes?

Sorry Hachi-san, those ones aren’t for sale. You’ll never find those… ever…

Jealous, Soifon decides to fire her nuclear tampon cannon. You shoes…. are… MINE!

Soifon's Tampon Launcher

Gonna get monthly juices on them kicks, bish!!!

You Bastards

The god of Hueco Mundo does his Bert stare. I’d be mad too… Haters gonna hate. Barragan better have some wet naps!

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15 Responses to Bleach: Episode 280

  1. badass420 says:

    you obviously have no clue whats going on in the series
    GTFO kid you suck ass at anime

    • michael michael says:

      Your comments mean nothing. Come at me bro.

      • badass420 says:

        lol @ excessive intersaying sayings
        you would be unable to communicate if it wasnt for you stealing nerdy internet sayings and turning to other pathetic nerds for inspiration

        • michael michael says:

          Still means nothing. Again, come at me bro, and thanks for the website hits.

          • badass420 says:

            “means nothing”? it actually means alot

            it means that you are just a kid sitting behind his computer that probably was unable to speak in person without stuttering until he stole enough internet sayings from other people who had equally small vocabularies

            even then you probably still stutter

    • Eric says:

      How are you doing? Aww shucks golly gee hiideehooo! I hope you are enjoying our site. Did you happen to stumble upon our site looking for dirtyy dirtyy images or by looking for cactus dildos and flying missile dildos? Anyhow, enjoy your stay.

  2. michael michael says:

    Allow me to clarify. The fact that you’re speaking right now. That’s the part that means nothing. Maybe you didn’t realize that this is basically a joke/troll site to begin with.

    Please continue to waste your time, as I reallllllyyyy don’t…ca… oh lunch time, brb.

  3. badass420 says:

    ITT chan fags with small brains and vocabularies jerk eachother off

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