Bleach: Episode 281

In this weeks episode of bleach…….

Zomg! Soifon, the Captian lady with beastly flying dildo missile woman whips out her bankai, which looks like a huge beastly flying dildo missile, the Jakuho Raikoben. It seemed like the dildo was too much, and it defeated Baraggan Luisenbarn, the wannabe grim reaper! She nearly dies after using her flying dildo missile twice in one day. I guess she can’t handle the effects of losing two dildos in one day!

WAT?!?! Okay I lied. …… grim reaper man LIVES after taking two dildos to the face in a day. He comes back with a vengeance too! What is this madness?! Well I guess he did take some damage….. even gods suffer. He looks pretty happy with the damage done to his head!

Of course, he goes into his angry HULK SMASHH!!!! Mode, and tries to kill everyone.

I’m still alive betches!!! I AM ANNNGRRRYYY!!!!

Hachigen Ushoda, the kind mcfatty puts on his game face to take on the Baraggan!!!

Can’t touch this.Nuhhhnuhnuhnuh

Don’t underestimate him, even though he is fat. He is very agile and has reflexes faster than cat woman!!! Except he stopped to eat some Mcdonalds and stood in one place for too long….. and his hand went bye bye! From Baraggan’s stank nasty death farts…

but at the same time, fat man has pulled a fast one and has inseminated the Baraggan!! He jammed his hand into Baraggan’s insides, ejaculating Baraggan’s own powers insidehimself… bye bye Mr. Reaper!

*oh noes you have my baby*



“Marechiyo omaeda” Fat bastard shinigami man is so excited by the Grim Reaper’s pregnancy explosion he tries to rape Captain dildo Launcher Soifon …. And gets pwnt.

……….. the end!

Just kidding.

SURPRISE!!!! Somehow grim reaper man is still alive…. With half his body.

… jeez Grim Reaper man never dies huh….

Then it cuts to the past…. Aizenhower harasses grim reaper man’s army, and asks the grim reaper to obey him and fufill his sexual needs.

Aizen says that if he obeys him, and gives him the butt sex, he will make Baraggan invincible! I guess this is how their relationship starts!

Grim reaper laughs and says you should obey me, the almight Grim Reaper! I will buttsex you!! Aizen and Baraggan fight, and Aizen shows him whose boss!

This is what happens after you get buttsex-ed by Aizen, and then thrown face first into a wall!

So this brings us to the conclusion..

Watch out for that evil mofo Aizenhower-san … you could be next for the rapes!

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