Bleach: Episode 287

This had to be the filler of all fillers. If you saw it, you know exactly what I mean. If not, then read on.

It had to have been the most wtf episode so far… anyways…

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that everyone’s names are slightly changed in this filler episode. For example, in the episode, Ichigo = “Chigo,” Chad = “Chaedo,” Orihime = “Orimei,” and Ishida = “Oorio.”

Urahara is in the episode too, but he goes by “Urabira.” LoL And Byakuya goes by “Captain Broccoli.” Hahah

There are lots of cameos in this episode. Hmmm… rather, I guess they’re not technically cameos, since the characters are from the real plot. They just aren’t necessarily themselves in this filler.

For example, this Kon-lamp…

Yeah… that’s about it for this episode.

You’ll find some more random cameos by Ruki-Ruki and Ren-djin later in the episode. Enjoy! LoL!

That’s all! Thanks for reading. This review would not have been possible without the cool people at SGKK Fansubs. And here’s the link to the torrent!

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