Detroit Metal City Episode 04: Frustration / Good Song


So it looks like someone finally gave Negishi a chance to perform on stage as himself. This time, it was some fancy pants producer who works with Aikawa-san. And it looks like he’s on top of the pyramid of FOOLS!

sweets baby negishi

LoL Negishi! Singing your gay anthem on the stage! No wonder the prince of trendy assholes took you off! LoL I mean ok, the song is bad in an obvious sort of way, but “Sweet Lover” is super catchy in another kind of style.

they're lifeless

Of course they’re lifeless Negishi, they’re today’s youth!

LoL, anyways, for someone to call his song a joke… ooh yes, dem’s fightin’ words. Negishi should have just showed them all his ten-rapes-per-second vocal devastation! But alas, trying to save face for that bish, Aikawa-san…. ah well….

And this whole time, he’s daydreaming about his fans… if they were fans of himself as Negishi the pop artist vs. Krauser II of DMC.

everyone stylish

tear my ass

Personally, anyone who asks you to tear their ass has got to be one die-hard fan. Now that’s dedication! On the other hand, trend-fags will only cheer for you if you give them autographs. WEAK!

So, after he leaves the cafe’s stage, Negishi trips out on some weak watered-down liquor (like 90% water lol) and heads over to the queen’s (manager’s) office to play her a new song he wrote. LoL The way Negishi looks with a hangover is awesome hahaha. Kind of like a homeless wine-o… LoL

negishi drunk

evil lover

Yes! A rendition of his song that failed at the cafe earlier, Sweet Lover! But instead, this time it’s Evil Lover. Here’s some lyrics:

Crazy Baby!
You’re a fucking crazy bitch!
My evil, evil lover!

Just perfect… just perfect…

tetrapot melon tea

The next day, we run into Negishi’s homo friend from college. And he’s in some weak band called Tetrapot Melon Tea… some kind of pop acoustic band, the kind that Negishi wanted to be in… WEAK! P.S. notice that the guy with the guitar is wearing a condom over his head.

Anyways, Negishi totally SMASHES their live TV performance! ahahah it’s great. At first, Krauser is all, “Hey I’ll help you. Ooh, I love your gay song.” But next, he’s all, “Your tambourine is my bitch!” bahahah!

krauser and tetrapot

rape fucking tambourine

pussy face


Another great episode, and the artwork never fails to make me laugh my asses off.

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