Detroit Metal City Episode 05: Masochist / Family

Ahaha the Bitch Pig of Capitalism becomes… the Hero of Capitalism!! LOL! ^_^ A middle-aged man, divorced, with one child, he works on stage with DMC and works at a convenience store to make ends meet.

Pig is Manufactured by a grotesque society

The episode starts with Negishi apologizing to the Bitch Pig, also known as Keisuke Nashimoto-san for beating him up on stage. Damn Negishi, no worries… just giving him what he wants… since…

negishi apologizing to the bitch pig

Nashimoto is Masochist

… he’s a masochist anyways LoL. You’re probably doing him a favor by doing things to him like the anal-kick.

So, after the concert, Negishi decides to get some crap at the local 711. He steps into the store and sees… WTF!

Bitch Pig is a cashier

LoL I like how they put the “masochist” label there when they show Nashimoto-san.

Negishi is Shocked

DMC don’t pay, negahhhhh!, so the Bitch Pig has to work a 2nd job at the local quick-e-mart to pay the bills!

Luckily, it’s not all bad because he’s got a cute co-worker.

Uemura lady cashier


Bitch Pig Sparkles

The kindness makes the Bitch Pig sparkle like the morning sun. He must be having some “M” feelings right now towards his coworker. rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape!

So, after getting off his shift, he notices Negishi there, and they go outside to have a chat. inb4homo

Nashimoto's Pitiful Side

Really? Working at the convenience store was your pitiful side?

Actually… yeah that’s probably true, since being on stage with Krauser-sama is better than being born. RAPE!

You and the Girl...

Yes… until you did the cock blockings

Nashimoto tells story

Maybe her ex-husband turned out to be an “M-Man” too.

Love age

Negishi! You are feeding the fire that is the Bitch Pig of Capitalism! If you’re not careful, you’ll…

The Bitch Pig on stage

O no!

So, after some persuading, Negishi manages to convince Nashimoto-san to invite his coworker to a live DMC performance. This will be the Bitch Pig’s change to impress his girl! And so, Nashimoto-san goes from being the Bitch Pig of Capitalism to…

hero of capitalism

What the fuck is that!!?? It’s the bit…. it’s….The Hero of Capitalism!

nashimoto rocks

Nashimoto impresses girl

Everything is going great! The crowd loves the new Hero of Capitalism, and it looks like the girl is pretty impressed with the freakin elbow-tassled getup he’s wearing. I give him props for wearing an M.Bison belt buckle.

Everything’s moving along smoothly, until…

Krauser cues

Krauser gives the Hero the cue to sing his song. Time to impress, Nashimoto-san! GO!

the road home

What the fuck!! … notice Krauser-sama in the background…

What's going on?

As Nashimoto-san sings his song, “The Road Home,” The crowd is all like… wtf this is not DMC…

Did he write for me?

But the girl is definitely impressed. As Camus would say, “Bitch I know you’re wet.”

However! Krauser-sama!!!!!!

krauser interrupts

tell that motherfucker

Bahahahah LoLlllll

Obviously, Krauser-sama could not let this stand. This lame… song… the Demon King will not allow this!

What is the Hero of Capitalism’s response?

nashimoto - hit me more

dirty pig is back

The Bitch Pig of Capitalism has returned!!!!!!!

Following this, we see perhaps one of the greatest things in the whole series… follow with me! :

moving swifter than the wind


quieter than a forest


bolder than fire


squealing louder than any dirty pig


spanking furinkaton


ten rapes a second

DETAA!!!! HAHAHAH Krauser releases his Ten Rapes a Second!!!

She leaves

And with that, Nashimoto-san has lost his chance. We find out later that the girl quit her job at the convenience store right away, and he hasn’t seen her since.

Luckily, this doesn’t faze the Bitch Pig…


Negishi does note… that the Bitch Pig did look pretty cool at this point, and Negishi admired Nashimoto-san’s attitude toward his job.

He ends by saying that somewhere out there, someone will fall in love with the pig in Nashimoto-san. Yet at the same time, Negishi believes that he’ll never be able to take pride in his own job…

krauser's anal kick

O C’mon Negishi! Your job is great LOL!! Anal Kick DA!! And that ends the first half of this episode.

In the second part, Negishi goes home to visit his family. And somewhere along the lines, Krauser is forced to make a surprise appearance to teach some lessons about life and the Public Obscenity Haircut!

negishi home

hi mom

why mom dmc

LoL the first thing Negishi sees is his mom wearing a DMC T-shirt! Grotesque!!!

It turns out his little brother has turned into somewhat of a delinquent and a big DMC fan. GO TO DMC!

penis haircut

Negishi’s brother, Toshi insults his penis haircut LoL!’

So, Negishi’s brother has been living all sorta screwed up ever since Negishi left for the city. And it’s up to the big brother to teach Toshi-kun some lessons. So, that night, Toshi-kun hears someone provoking him. He comes outside with a bat and sees…

Krauser summoned


Krauser then lectures Negishi’s brother a bit.

Krauser has control over all living creatures

Toshi amazed

After meeting in the field, Toshi-kun asks Krauser-san to help him study. Being a big brother, Negishi goes inside to help.

Embarrassing Haircut

Krauser asks Toshi-kun about his brother, to which he responds about Negishi’s haircut looking like a penis hahah

Public Obscenity Cut

Krauser calls him an internal fuckhead and then tells him that this is the high-class death metal “Public Obscenity Cut” and that DMC’s newest song “Death Penis” is all about this hair style!

They study late into the next morning because Toshi-kun’s a dumbass. And then, Negishi’s mom busts into the room and asks them if they’d like to have breakfast.

Krauser breakfast

Krauser-sama only loves eggplant from hell!! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape!

Krauser Photo

Then they take a photo together.

Right after, Krauser says that he has to go back to Hell and runs off. Negishi returns, and his brother is all checking out his hair, but now quite astounded and decides that he wants to grow back his old “Public Obscenity Cut.”

hair like a penis

Cool Hair

Public Obscenity Cut

LoL so another great episode! I think you should all sport the Public Obscenity Cut too! See you in the next episode!

This review would not have been possible without the work of Huzzah & Scum-Scans fansubbing groups. Thanks! And here’s the torrent!

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