Detroit Metal City Episode 06: Punk

By now, Detroit Metal City has become a popular band, and all the other hype-beast and hipster bands are trying to ride on DMC’s coat-tails by competing with them. Compete with Krauser-san?? Impossibiru! Krauser-san will rape all ten of them in one second!


Dezumu… the band where all of the members look like the drummer from Slipknot.

I didn’t know there were Mexican rappers in Japan.

Man… an anti-male-society punk band…

Against DMC… you gon’ get raeped!

The episode focuses on the band Kintama Girls, with front-girl Nina. While being a true artist like most girls in the punk scene (chuckle), Nina was forced to sing shitty songs for her label in order to get by. But now it’s time for her to see the light… of ten rapes per second!

Somebody’s gotta sing about it.

Dumbass Motherfucking Cherry Boys… Krauser-san will not be pleased…

Into your face, bish!

How can you sing about castration? I think some of the members of the band are guys… oh… I see.

Also, it looks like the hotel staff decided to take one of the bass guitars away.

News of the Kintama Girls’ nonsense has hit home, and the president is not amused! You mess with DMC, and you going down, bishes!

Also, notice Guri and Gura share eyebrows. LoL wtf

Yessss… no need for ash tray.

Negishi responds with his guido photo smile. Derp. You better do something about this, Negishi!

Or else you’ll have to face this guy!

Ohhh Negishi Negishi… welcome to the year 2010… you will be disappoint, since most of the girls that these foos put on the radio don’t know how to sing anything else besides dirty songs.

Lyrics are disappoint. There are some talented females, but most of the popular ones are made of nothing.

So, Negishi goes to one of the Kintama Girls’ concerts to see what these weak hoes are all about.

Johnny Rotten would destroy you and then smash your corpse.

He would probably say, “Derp. BRB time for drugs!”

Kintama Girls’ fans are teh gay.

Negishi! Show her your guido photo smile!

I go up on stage while you’re performing. Then I drink all your booze. You mad, brah?

Squirtle, use water canon!

Negishi took one of their bass guitars. Hotel staffing needs it back.

Negishi does his Yakuza face. OOhhhhhh! What an insult!

The next day, DMC is preparing for their next gig.

It must have something to do with the leopard-skin leotard or the small bat wings. Tis no easy task to not look like a wuss while wearing the clothes of a gay gymnast.

Finally, DMC gets up on stage, and apparently the Kintama Girls and their phaggey fans have decided to crash the party.

Best lyrics ever!

They are not aware. Punk bishes, do not interrupt Krauser-san when he is giving you lyrical rapings! What are you fools doing here anyway??

So, the Kintama Girls crash the stage, and one of them knocks Krauser-san over.

Krauser-san’s sleeping! Did that hit knock him out???

No! It was just an excuse to do the raepings!

Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape!

The hotel girl enjoyed being underneath the Demon King!

The president is most amused!


You cannot defeat the Demon King! The Kintama Girls know they’re beat, so Nina tries to spit at Krauser-san.

Krauser-san knows it’s coming.

Dodge and counter!

This is some Matrix madness!

Ohhh shit, you’re gonna get it now.

Krauser-san gives Nina his bert stare.

Oh no… he’s powering up!

Transfer all of your evil to Krauser-san!!

The Demon Jewel!!!!

How does it get its green seaweed texture!? It is a combination of evil, and the souls of vanquished heroes sent to hell! GROTESQUE!

Defeated again! GO TO DMC! GO TO DMC!

Meanwhile, Jagi is busy spitting flames all over the place, when he accidentally catches the building on fire.

Amidst the flames…

Krauser-san enjoys destruction of land and women.

Krauser-san is inside the fire for a long time. What is he doing in there!? He’s not dead… is he?

DETA!! Demons cannot die! But why is he carrying Nina??

That hand!

As expected from the Emperor! He only carried her out so he could rape her! Greedy as hell!

And all this time, from the time that the building caught fire until the firefighters put out the flames, Camus never stopped playing the drums! What the hell! GO TO DMC! GO TO DMC! GO TO DMC!

This review was made possible thanks to Huzzah and Scum-Scans fansubbing. Here’s the torrent. Watch it now, or be raped forever! RAPE!

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