Detroit Metal City Episode 09: Cinema

You might be wondering why I’m doing a string of DMC episodes on the blog. Is that what you wonder? It’s not? It doesn’t matter!

I’ll answer your question anyways. The reason why I’ve been doing DMC all in a row is because it’s fuckin’ awesome! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape!

In this episode, some genius human being finally decided to cast Krauser-san a role in his movie. FINALLY! Watch in awe and terror as Krauser-san releases his Demon Jewel on the other male lead. This episode is sure to leave you breathless, as it has left myself.

Again, I shall argue that DMC has the most dedicated fans. You know how movies often have pre-release screenings? Imagine having a group of DMC fans sitting in the audience amongst the other foolish humans in the theater. Yess…. GO! TO! DMC!


Oh yes, you better prepare your damn self, Negishi…

The two people cannot believe they are standing in the presence of the Demon King himself!

Krauser-san is not pleased with the appearance of these ungrateful actors.

Sawai Spellman, greatest movie director in the galaxy. He may have the honor of being disemboweled by Krauser-san!

But how will he stop her??

That’s how! Channel all your evil into Krauser-san!

It’s in!


You are already…. unfashionable. Bleoaaughh!

YEAAAA!!! Ahaha the DMC Followers rejoice at the success of the Demon Jewel!

Watch this episode somewhere, or perish! You can find it online if you look with your weak pathetic eyes! RAPE!

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