Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer – Overall Review

Overall, I have to say that Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer was a good movie. Animation was top notch as was expected, and the battle scenes were especially entertaining. Any fan who has followed the Gundam 00 series would be pleased to see many familiar characters in this conclusion to the 00 saga.

Here is what I didn’t necessarily like though: Alien ELS. Why ELS? The whole purpose of Celestial Being was to fight against aliens? You bastards… come on… aliens… really? It definitely was a twist on the story — this whole time, I had thought that Celestial Being was going to continue to influence the human race politically via balancing power throughout the galaxy… not to be the main force in fighting alien creatures! It almost … no it did… feel something like a cop-out. Can’t figure out how to end the story, so let’s just make everyone fight against aliens.

Anyways, this is Worst Anime Reviews, and as such, I’m not going to critique the main storyline of the movie so much. Instead, here are the topics I plan to cover:

I. Overall Review (you are here)
II. Guys who Look like Girls and Girls who Look like Guys
III. The Only Black Dude in the Universe
IV. Pussy-Ass Billy
V. Pride Fighters
VI. Feldt and Setsuna / Marina and Setsuna

This old pervert…

Saji and Louise… Is that a promise ring or a wedding band?

Descartes Shaman, you arrogant bastard…

Must not fap!

Ribbons Almark… he just wants a hug.

Marie and Mileina about to duke it out

Leesa Kujo has some advice for Feldt.

Prepare your anus for space landing.

Boy? Girl? Both? Or… neither… Tieria, you will always have us guessing.

You weak bastard, Billy. You better tap dat!

Too much real life!!

Strong movie roles for Marie, Allelujah, and Lyle…

Watch the movie, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

No wonder he’s mad.

Team leader, Graham Aker.

Feldt Grace is snoozing on the job. Someone needs more sleep…

The last flower in the universe… it shall be mine to hold! Setsuna creeping in the background

I doesn’t afraid of anything either.

The ELS is a different kind of race…

Forever calzone…

… so long that your skin turned gray.

Way to keep a lady waiting, Setsuna, you penis.

Go to Part II of my review: Guys who Look like Girls and Girls who Look like Guys

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