High School of the Dead Episode 08: The Dead Way Home

It’s starting to feel like these fools are finally getting places. Plotwise, I’m really looking forward to the next episode after this one. Kind of has me on my toes… or ass (since I’m sitting down har har…).It’s about time. Besides, they can’t live in that Humvee forever. Eventually, somebody will have to get naked 😉

Actually, if they had another episode dedicated to life in the Humvee, I wouldn’t mind. It would answer many important questions such as… “Where do they take a dump at?” and “How much gas does that truck hold? Infinite??” Ah well, maybe they’ll get to it in another episode… or… maybe not. 🙂

Meanwhile, somewhere in America…

A group of deranged homeless people have hijacked Air Force One.

The First Lady of the President of the USA. My my, she sure looks important with that pearl necklace.

President of America: “Must… not fap!”

So, Washington D.C. is on fire eh? Kay…

Kinda weird. I thought it was hinted somewhere that the USA was responsible for this whole zombie outbreak thing. If they were the ones responsible, why would their shit be on fire?? FOOLS! You’ll kill us all!

Were Alice and that fucking dog ALWAYS part of the intro? Okay, well, I know Alice was. (She’s that girl holding the flowers in one of the intro scenes) but the dog? Does that bastard really need to be in the intro?

Kohta’s life is but a dream when little girls sit on his lap. What a perverted beast!

Takagi doesn’t like that pervert rage. Guhhh nice tanktop. Maybe she’s jealous of Alice hararar.

Oh gods! Saeko, still in the apron? Lordy! Komuro, lucky bastard of a man! What? Where is that left hand going?

Rei knows what’s going on.

Rei brings the pain, son!

And this brings us to this episode’s fan service of the day! *clap clap clap*

Really, Saeko? You’re surprised? You’ve been in that apron and thong for a good 2 or 3 episodes now. We’re on to you, woman. You cannot trick us! Anyways, congratulations on winning the fan service of the day award!

Well well well… that’s not all that is up, now is it… Btw, sup with the capri pants, Komuro? You go work in the rice patty today?

This is why men… like boobs.

Everybody’s so cheery today. What nice weather…

The girls asked them not to peek while they were changing. Kohta’s got the right idea. Look at the sparkle in his eye.

After you shove the…___ in…

Use… use it like a bat… Giggity…

Kohta Hirano has pervert rage face!

*Pika pika*

Just look at him… those lustful desires running through his mind.

And this fuckin’ bitch! He’s still around; what an asshole!

It’s ok Takagi-chan… I’ll let you.

Rei got catapulted from the top of the Humvee. Ouch… it’s a good thing she had knee pads on…

… elbow pads too. Seriously thought she might be crippled. That would be super gay, and I would be sad. Get up, Rei! 🙁

Komuro will protect yo candy ass! Kind of weird though… I didn’t know shotguns had scopes. I always thought they were close-range weapons, so scopes would be pointless. Whatever…

Kohta gives Komuro some lessons.

Best tripod ever… Most comfortable…

Saeko jumps over one of the bullets being shot at the zombies. You know you like my screen-capping skills, don’t you? 😉 The shot was done in like a fraction of a second.

So, Alice-chan finally serving a purpose. Her new role as Reload Girl. Okay, I can respect that!

Takagi-chan going outside to help. When you have no outstanding skills, use sheer will-power!

The show started to get into these limited-color scenes towards the end of the episode. Very cool for desktop wallpapers and such. Here’s one with Hirano.

And here’s one with Rei and Komuro. Looks like she’s still enjoying her role as the tripod. Komuro is still focussed on hitting the zombies lol.

God damn thats a lot of zombies.

Suicide attempt #1. Don’t do it!

… Ahh good, he didn’t do it. Komuro and Saeko try to lure the zombies away from the group, but the fools didn’t follow them. So, now they’re up on a staircase by themselves.

Suddenly, firefighters show up. Ya… go figure.

Hottest firefighter ever.

Saya goes in for the final blow.

Hm hm hm… I see what you did there, Saeko.

Rei is worried. Or is she jealous? Or both?

Komuro and Saeko gtfo.

Can’t wait for the next episode… muhaha…

This review was made possible thanks to the cool subbers at gg fansubs. Thank you! And here’s a link to the torrent.

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