High School of the Dead Episode 09: The Sword and Dead

Yes yes, i know it’s been a long time — too long. (what she said.. yes.) But I’m back, and I’m going to be posting some more excellent literary excremence. I know you’ll surely enjoy.

So, finally Komuro and Saeko got some showtime together. This episode really develops Saeko’s character, and we get a chance to see a bit of how Komuro feels about her. But… as if I’m really going to get into all that. Maybe. maybe.

One thing I’d like to note — since this is the first review after a really long freakin’ time, I’ve included a ton of pics, so you readers please enjoy this one.

We left off from episode 8 with a firefighter jizzing at our cast through this straw fence. They were surrounded by zombies in episode 8, so it’s good thing these guys showed up.

Guys… or girls… whatever. I don’t believe they are really from the fire department either. Who knows where they’re from. As a matter of fact, the liquid they’re shooting out actually looks steamy. The f… what kind of a firefighter puts out a fire with hot fluids? Probably just a bunch of dudes running around town jizzing on people then running away. The head of the love explosion parade is Saya-chan’s mom.

TIGER KNEE!! Saya prepares her super combo on the female firefighter. Aw geez, such a family reunion. On a sidenote, Saya Takagi has some hops. She should have joined the basketball or fence-jumping team. Shizuka Marikawa just herp’derpin’ around haha.

Takagi’s mom…? Uhmm… mm.. hello, Mrs. Takagi… I like your water tanks… uhmm.. it matches well with your flame-retardant gloves.

Don’t forget though, your friends are still surrounded, you little fool.

Takashi and Saeko are still stuck up there.

Komuro, strong pickup line. Imagine going up to a complete stranger and telling them that. Please post your experience in the comments section at the end of this post 🙂

Welly welly welly… isn’t that convenient, Saya. Hey guys, watch out for that horde of zombies! And when you’re done, don’t forget to take off your shoes before entering the house, we just swept. LoL Saya… are you trollin? People are trying to escape with their lives, while she goes home to play Skyrim, or paint her feet… or whatever girly thing that girly things do…

Takashi and Saeko jump on out of there, but they still need to make their way to Saya’s house. Lil’ punk didn’t want to carpool.

It looks like Takagi-chan lives in a Warcraft III castle. “Our town is under attack.”

Meanwhile, Komuro and Busujima-chan prepare to jack some stores. What’s up with Komuo and bikes? You trying hard, my friend. You trying real hard.

Being the gentleman that he is, he offers Saeko a fine selection of clothing to choose from.

Yes, please choose from our variety of shitty clothing. We have galoshes, fishing jackets, and fishing pants. Please, feel free. Perhaps the zombies won’t attack what is already dead… your sense of style! Bawww!

Ohhhh, so that’s why Komuro wants a bike so badly. Go live the American dream, Takashi Komuro. First thing’s first though, better change that gay hairstyle of yours. This is High School of the Dead, not Final Fantasy.

Hmm… actually, it looks like he’s focused on the guy in the poster. (no homo.)

Yeah, you BETTER choose the jeep.

Uh oh, Asian Driving strikes again…


… but it’s not as bad as Asian Walking.

Strong irony. Thanks for pointing that out, Komuro. A lot of things in life baffle thy self. Why is the sky blue? Why do the dead walk? Why are you still alive?


Why are Saeko’s clothes all wet? These things, we shall learn day by day, Komuro. Oh wait, that’s because you drove into a river!

On purpose, probably. I like that expression on Takashi. Sorry Saeko, it was an accident. Hm?? Right? *nudge nudge* 😀

Strong placement of the big flowers in Saeko’s bra. I was tempted to declare this as the Fanservice pic of the day. Just wait…

You sure are…

Zombie: “I am a woman, too.”

Zombie: “Ok bye.”

Experience my screen-capturing skills!!!

Of course, you got all wet… Your body was not ready. Since you’re cold…

… maybe you take off more clothes? Yes… Komuro use your Jedi Mind Tricks, I know that’s what you’re doing.

Strange? Either that’s some new form of compliment-fishing or she has no clue about herself. Saeko, you are not strange. Ok?

Ok… now time to move on. Saeko’s shy smile.

Damn right it’s fine. You like my screen-cap timing.

Don’t worry Saeko, Komuro-kun understands. LoL.. nice expression Komuro. This is him looking at Saeko.

…aaaaand you’re busted. Hahah!

Meanwhile, the zombies were having a night-time party in the city. Untz untz untz untz!… Seriously though, it looks like thy’re just doing laps around that water fountain. The one in the green hoodie is winning so far.

Time to ruin the party by crashing into the water fountain. You know what happens when you drive head-first into a water fountain?

Bam, that’s what happens. Ogoddd

You know the answer to that one, Saeko. I can guarantee, if theres a water fountain, a lake, a pond, river, bath tub, or open faucet, Komuro will find a way to crash into it.

I knew she’d understand. She doesn’t even look mad at all… more… like psycho instead. Get it? Saeko? Psycho? har har har… this is more than just a clever play on words. Read on, and you’ll see. So, I fumbled, I’ll touch on one interesting topic which is that Saeko is kind of a psycho. Now, don’t get it twisted, she’s still awesome. I never said she was bad, but read on. Maybe they named her Saeko because of the “psycho” phonetic similarity. (Meaning it sounds the same, numb nuts.)

The zombies better prepare themselves. Wooden sword to the skull!

Mmm hmm… another snapshot of incredible timing.

Whoa whoa whoa, watch where you point that thing. Some people may be allergic to wood, you know.

To have a wooden sword pointed at me, I think I’d have the same exact expression as this guy.

Apparently, I was the only one who found that zombie’s face funny.

Yeah, taking out all those zombies with just a boken! But Komuro almost looks a bit intimidated or possibly put off? It’s one of those “Uh… ok….?” type of expressions.

A couple of emo kids show up! Oh no!

Apparently, Saeko is afraid of pink bunny sweaters. Don’t hesitate now, woman! They’ll eat your lower half!

And here they come! Funny how there are actual zombie kids. I’d figure if a zombie got a hold of a child, they’d eat the whole thing.

Saeko Busujima really hates kids. Is it just me, or are her eyes more blue in this episode? Well, not just more blue, but they stand out more than before. This is one of the few times we see such a frightened expression on her face.

Luckily for her, Komuro has no problem with blasting children’s faces with a rifle! Excellent!

Say “Aahh..”


BOOM! Head shot! (Was that scope really necessary?)

Komuro saved the day. Well, okay not the day, but he certainly saved Saeko. From this point, they run away into some kind of temple and hide there for the night.

For shame. Poor Saeko…

Komuro will now wait here silently while she changes her clothes again. Lookin’ a little too happy there buddy.

As she reflects on her weakness against children, Saeko cannot help but feel saddened. Aww….

Whatever… time to change yet again.

Sneaky ass Takashi. LoL!

I know you’re feelin’ bad. So, have some of these fukin’ potato chips.

Oh! Well, it’s a good thing she didn’t eat it then. Wait, I slightly… so… if a girl is sad, make sure to hand her a portable toilet. She’ll love it.

Saeko: “The fuk?”

Well, it was cold out, and your dumb ass kept driving into water.

So, we finally get to the metaphorical Meat and Cheese of the episode. Indeed, for a person to suddenly freeze doing what they do best… there must be some sort of reason for it.

Wat u say? (Cue flashback.)

Little trap.

So, luring men into your spider web of doom, ey Saeko?

Remember earlier when I made that Saeko – Psycho correlation? Well, there ya go. So, she likes hitting people with sticks, go figure. That’s not the worst I’ve heard of. You know, there’s people out there who can help but eat sand every day — not that I have anything against our sand-eating comrades.

Aw man, don’t go nuts on me now. My image of you is ruined. (Or is it created?) Hmmm…

Well, at least you’re not drunk and turned on by popcorn… or something ridiculous like that.

Get a grip, woman! It just goes to show, everyone has their weak moments.

But despite all that, Komuro is accepting. Yea right whatever, accepting. He was probably waiting for this. Komuro is a whole lot more than just accepting *nudge nudge*

herp derp. feel the love.

Peek-a-boo! A few things happened that past night. (Which weren’t shown anyways, so don’t worry about it) And now it’s morning. Take a little peek just in case.

Saeko limbering up and fixing her skirt. Know what that means. Aww yeaaa

Moment = ruined. Komuro said something along the lines of… “I think the zombies heard the leaves.” Shit of the bulls, that’s not what they heard, but at least they had the decency to wait until morning to come try to bite you fools.

At this point, still somewhat shamed, Saeko is unable to push forward with her ass-kicking. Oh yea, btw, please notice that she is now holding a sword instead of a boken. (Sharp Sword)

Snap out of it!

Is she feeling reluctant? Well, then just grab a handful of boob. -Komuro Takashi.

Squeeze! Strong reason there, Komuro!

Grab it like you mean it. Notice Komuro’s eye; it’s like he’s focusing all his energy into the breast in his right palm haha freaking guy.

DING DING DING, and that’s the Fan Service of the Day! Clap Clap Clap! Why this one and not any other picture in this episode? Well, it has the fan service – check. It has action – check. And it also has this additional perverted face on Takashi that makes this picture fan service AND somewhat hilarious!

So soft…

It’s best to give your best advice whilest grabbing the genitals! Gets the point across!

And now that you’ve got all the boobage you can grab, it’s time for battle.

See? All Saeko needed was to have her breast gripped. All is well now.

A slight and confident smile is all she needs to show. You know she’s going to kick some ass now.

She really does enjoy this.


Prepare your desktop wallpapers 🙂

All that intense fighting, leading up to this moment. O Lawd! Moistened and with all the zombies destroyed, it’s time to go to Takagi’s house!

See, I told you he did.

Ha! Do not even try to deny that which you also want, Komuro.

Meanwhile, at Saya’s house, Kohta and Alice have an important conversation. Read closely.

Why the “back” indeed.

You see, the “back” is where they “slip” “it” in. Oh ho, Kohta, you may be able to fool Alice, but I know what you’re up to. Muhah

Oh man, I can’t believe that little bastard rodent Zeke is still alive. Look at him there, with his mouth open.

Saya Takagi, so happy to see Komuro and Saeko safe and sound.

But not so happy to see that they’re in each other’s arms. What cha gonna do about that, Saya-chan? Aren’t you and Kohta a bit of an item?

Alice’s flying arm bar leaves no survivors.

How nice and wholesome, everyone’s safe and sound. What a way to end the episode. But… the fuk? You came to terms with her darkness, Komuro? Like to take credit now do ya? Saeko came to terms with it herself, foo! But you sure did help, I’ll give you that. What a guy.

Until next time, friends. I’ll try not to make you wait so long 😉 See you again soon.

Thanks to the guys over at gg fansubs for making this review possible. And, here’s a link to the batch torrent for this episode and more!

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