High School of the Dead Episode: 10 The Dead’s House Rules

This episode to me seems to focus on two important issues. The first theme is inter-relational conflict between people. The other is massage boobs.

Now, as far as the relationship conflicts go, we start to see an emerging battle between adults and children. And this really takes form with the conflict between Saya-chan and her mother, all the while with Komuro being somewhere in between. And then, we have the conflict between the relationship of Komuro-Rei and Komuro-Saeko. We’ll just have to watch on in order to see how that unfolds.

Alright, that wasn’t so hard was it?

So, as I was saying, the other important issue is massage boobs. We start the episode with Shizuka-sensei giving Rei a back massage using her own brand of lube. So, what’s that supposed to mean? Well, come on, we all have imaginations. I think… hah… CLEARLY this is massage lube that has been manufactured by a local Japanese producer thanks to Marikawa-sensei.

Or… it came from her poosay. And now, she’s rubbing it all over Rei’s body. Nice.

That’s the gist of Episode 10. More notes to follow 🙂 And please comment below.

Please see the past episode… I believe it was episode 8 where Takashi used Rei’s chest as a tripod for his high-powered rifle.

Surprise surprise.

Well, nothing particularly wrong here. But your clothes are glowing. Kind of weird unless you’re used to the whole anime thing. Then, you don’t notice that just about everything glows in every episode, especially clean clothes. I wish my clothes glowed like that… but they never will because I don’t launder.

Oh yes, Komuro looks so good in that black shirt. Only the finest of fashion, Komuro.

Ha, actually that was Komuro telling Saeko that SHE looked nice in her kimono or robe. I’m probably not using the proper terminology for what she’s wearing, but I hope I am. I’m not that picky on terms.

How shy.

What… what else could you think? “You look nice in that.” = “You look like the whore of the month?” Not sure how else you’d take it.

Yes, laugh away you fools. Just make sure you prepare your anuses for the coming zombie invasion.

Oh yes, sweet childhood, always so happy and merry. YOU prepare you anus for Kohta’s pervert attack. I think it’s only a matter of time — better smile while you can little Alice.

Seriously, look at all that sheit. If you look to the left and then to the upper right, you’ll notice two more house-like structures. It’s like the backup houses in case someone clogs the pooper in the main house. And then you have the squatters at the bottom right, Filipino style! haha. Better watch out Takagis, if you let those squatters stay there too long, your land is as good as theirs!

Two of the squatters guarding their tents.

Meanwhile, Kohta Hirano eats a shish-kabob in the garage.

Better watch what you say, Saya-chan, with your frilly-ass shirt. No one’s gonna take the court jester seriously. Kind of like the Japanese female version of the Quaker Oats guy.

Such a stern mommy. I don’t see the resemblance between her and Saya-chan. Well, maybe if she changed her hair. Their expressions are similar. All grr ‘n sheit.

LOL. When this guy popped out, I thought he was the future version of Kohta. “I’ve come here to show you your future… little buddy.” And yes, it’s real life.

Apparently, we do have to gather in here. Doesn’t stop you from staying topless now, does it? mmm hmm We’re here to stay. And this brings us to this episode’s Fan Service of the Day! Yay! congratulations Rei, you win the award for most boobage shown in episode ten. Good luck in the next one!

Let’s talk about bananas and sexual innuendos.

Sure knows how to ask for a smackdown.

We already knew that in episode 1 or 2. 🙂

See? I told you to watch your mouth. Komuro goes for the choke slam, Cain style.

Sometimes, you get so caught up in your own problems that you don’t realize that other people have their problems too. Ah well, such is life in Japan. I don’t remember the last time I saw Takashi blow up like this.

But apparently, no one really cares, as they’ve been put into a deep slumber by Takashi and Saya’s ramblings. Zzz…

Zzzz…. Zzzz.z…..

Everybody understands things better when it’s time for the choke slam. Good! Cain would be proud. Good job Saya, and thank you Komuro.

Meanwhile, this old guy gets home from school. Looks like he’s been stuck in primary school for many years. I hope he passes some day.

J/K Saya’s dad shows up to make some points.

That’s a man that does manly things. Unfortunately, he too puts guys to sleep with his presence.

I guess that’s one way to show superiority. Like, if I were to walk into a room, and everyone suddenly nods to sleep. I’d arrange them into funny poses for my pleasure haw haw haw.

Random gangster-type lady is at the family party. Even she is tempted to fall asleep by Saya’s dad. What beady little eyes you have there, miss.

LoL. Just chillin in the fountain, drinkin’ all the waters.

As if to say, “I summon thee, fountain zombie! Come to my aid!”

Strong words by Commander Obvious. Being all pissed off while you say this doesn’t make you any more right. It just makes it seem like you’ve been fighting a constipation problem for some time now.

Saya is also fighting a constipation problem.

Try a medieval sword, like the one in Berserk. That’ll break the whole body like stepping on a meatball. Hirano best not start a fight with Saeko. She’ll bop him in the head with her wooden sword. 🙂 Well, hopefully it’s the wooden one, and not the new one she got in episode 9.

Numbers shnumbers… at this point, arguing just wastes time. Once you’re all comfortable in Takagi’s castle of glory, you all revert to bickering about unimportant stuff.

Saeko’s a strong swordsman (woman) and Kohta is a strong gunman. I figured they’d clash at some point. But let’s hope it’s nothing too big. At this point though, I think Hirano’s guns have cooler fight scenes, especially his nail gun early in the series. That thing was awesome. More of that, please. It reminds me of a first-person-shooter I used to play a long time ago. :3

I know she’s telling Hirano to cool off, but if you take out the subtitle, all you have is an expression that says, “Oh no something just entered my anus,” OR “Oh no, something just exited my anus.” Take your pick.

What a sweet kid that Alice. Phaggot dog.

Sometimes the best course of action is the one that was the most simple and obvious all along. Frilly stuff seems to be the theme of this episode.

For no reason, there was a freakin pirate ship.

Okay there was a reason — it was to illustrate the idea of mutiny. But that’s such a serious matter, so I’ll just leave it at that. If I were to explain it all, I might have to change the title of the site to BEST Anime Reviews. Haw!

Saeko, why do you have to be so bummed out? Please don’t be. Please, stay safe.

At first, I thought Saya was talking about colored “crap.” Sometimes dyslexia is awesome.

Saeko vs. Saya in a no-holds barred pudding cage match. Saeko has her sword, but Saya knows the choke slam now. Choke slam into the pudding for a sweet finishing move, no pun… yes, pun intended.

Kohta cannot believe how tight this guy’s clothes are! When you can see the shoulder blades through the coat… you know you need to stop wearing your baby brother’s clothes.

Hehe, Saya’s hair is like a headphone. Mayday mayday, come in control tower!

Commander Takagi uses Stun! It is super effective!

Please don’t take Kohtas awesome guns away. He can probably shoot them better than you can anyways.

Full of spirit, or full of whining phaggotry? You be the judge.

Well, “just plain you” still makes for some funny scenes. But in all honesty, I don’t want to see Hirano running around without his guns and perverted expressions. This is the first step in killing off this character. Don’t do it!

To go from being extremely useful to extremely useless. That sucks. Let him keep his guns, squatter bastards.

Kohta cries so hard that his glasses pop off of his face.

As Komuro says, Kohta’s been protecting Saya with his guns. Without them, she’d probably be dead already.

The grown-ups want to take away Kohta’s guns, because they’re not for kids. But the point of this episode is to show that Kohta, along with the rest of the gang, are NOT kids anymore. His weapons are a sign of his adulthood.

In any event, Hirano’s only going to be shooting at zombies. You want less people on your team, or more? Maybe they want to take them away for his own safety, but it really seemed like something along the lines of taking away a certain toy from a baby for fear that it may accidentally swallow it.

Even though they had that small argument earlier, Saeko still backs up Kohta’s usefulness in the group. They’re friends, after all. But that doesn’t detract from the meaning in her words. Kohta’s been an extremely brave fatty.

New desktop wallpaper!!

Saya sticks up for her boy Kohta.

Commander Takagi uses leer! It misses.

Saya’s mommy uses charm! It is barely dodged.

Saya uses tantrum! It is countered by another choke slam.

And that’s the end of Act 10, folks. Not a whole lot happened here, so I’m expecting an eventful 11th episode, after this one.

As in the other reviews for this series, this review of The Dead’s House Rules would not be possibly without the awesome people from gg subs. And here’s a link to the batch torrent. Don’t forget to come back next week for our review of the next episode! See ya!

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