In-Betweener #1: A New Section for Slacking Off

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that lately I’ve been pumping out a whopping one-review-per-week. This is party due to eric hitting the books, being the good skool boy that he is.

~Every Day, Go to skew… to be da good boiii~

But it’s also partly because writing reviews (with 30-60 pics) takes a quite the toll on my brain (and my free time). I promise I’ll try to produce reviews more frequently. But in the meantime I’ve made this section so I can show you some of the random crap in my life between anime review posts. I’ll try to keep the posts in here anime-related, but I can’t guarantee it. Okay okay, I realize it’s an anime site, so I’ll keep the topics related… hopefully.

Anyways, here’s some cool ass shit that I’ve collected over some time. I’d like to get a bit more into it, but I think I’ll save that for the next In-Betweener. And yes, you can believe your eyes. That IS Lord Johannes Krauser II. Yes, that IS a Jeepney. And no, that’s NOT a Rock Lee bowling ball. It’s a racing helmet. 😉

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