In-Betweener #2: Facebook / Now Taking Requests

So, something new to the blog… we added a link to our brand new Facebook Fan Page to the menu at the right. It’s just another way for you to interact with us and get notifications of new postings without having to use the whole RSS Feed system. (no offense to rss feed users) That being said, we’ve got a few members on there right now. Please feel free to visit the fan page and click the “like” button. I promise you won’t see stupid bullshit on your Facebook wall or anything like that.

Also, we’re now taking requests for anime reviews. If you’ve got a show you’d like us to make fun of, please let us know, and we’ll check it out and do a pretty crappy review of it. So far, we’ve gotten requests for the following shows:

-Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer

You can let us know which shows you’d like us to review by posting on our Facebook page or by commenting directly under this post. Don’t worry we’ll see it. Got nothing better to do anyways…

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