Anime Conji 2011 – Wat I Don’t Even…

Anime Conji’s 3rd grade classroom style entrance banner. I remember when I used to think I was the hot shit by printing things out of my HP Deskjet Printer back in grade school. Memories.

What can I say? When I found out that the entrance price was only 20 bucks for Friday, I thought getting into this con was going to be a great deal. But see why Anime Conji is only a fraction of the cost of Anime Expo. Anyways, I digress… everyone’s gotta start somewhere. Might as well try to have some fun for the 30 minutes I was there.

Even though my stay there was short, I still had a decent time. Props to all the cosplayers who let their pictures be taken. Thanks for the photos!

Japan nuclear fallout guy came to San Diego what?

Here’s the line that swept around the shanty-rooms of the hotel complex into the registration room.

There was a statue there with a broken nipple.

Cosplay of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z (DBZ). That pose is over 9000.

Fallout shelter guy swat team cosplayer and tie-dye lady.

Jiraiya the Ero-Sennin cosplayer guarding his shop from thieves.

Uzumaki Naruto cosplayer has guts wearing these open-toe shoes in the cold rain.

It was so freezing outside, that even this penguin was cold. Glowing eyes…

Looks like an Espada from Bleach cosplayer. The original character maybe likes basketball shoes as well…?

Vocaloid cosplayers Kagamine Rin and Miku Hatsune (left to right)

Mario about to choke some necks.

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