Bleach: Episode 279

I guess Vizard don’t believe in undies. But who am I to complain? I guess when Lisa-chan was choosing her real-world outfit, she had to choose between glasses and panties.  And well, yup, those are some nice glasses.  LoL

lisa yadomaru no undies?

So, “kinda” a lot of things actually managed to happen in this episode. Usually, they drag on a fight scene like a difficult shit-session, where you basically get one big, stinky, unfinished event in the span of 20’ish minutes. But not this time… not exactly. They actually managed to pump out one and a half fights this time around. Not bad, Bleach!

Although, this latest episode did have one of those random flashbacks in there for no reason. It basically went something like this:

“Hello! I’m a Vizard, and I don’t like you! But anyways, here’s the story of my life! Hey Aizen, remember that time when pigeon turd spewed out of my body and formed a mask over my face? Really? I coulda’ sworn I told you about it a few episodes ago!”

anus gillian

Anyways, since I’m here, I guess I’ll just kill all your Gillian. Wat? Fuuuu…. I wouldn’t touch those things, especially since they basically came out of the anus of a giant wrinkled testicle. Guhhhhhhh!

hiyori cuts

Looks like this gillian was … a CUT above the rest. Hahaha… oh man…


Kensei goes Fist of the North Star on this gillian. Can you say, “Ahhhhh ta ta ta ta ta ta ta!!! Wuuushaaahhh!!?”

mashiro kick

And Mashiro-chan… with MASHIRO KICK!! The win…

By the way, is anyone starting to notice the secret jerry-curl club in Bleach? You know… it’s that squiggly hair-strand group that’s starting to get some notice. You say you don’t notice?? Well… you WILL after reading this. Introducing members one and two of the Bleach Jerry-Curl Club:


Curl King #1


Curl King #2

Looks like all that fighting has worn off that jerry-curl oil. Time to grease-up fools, or you’ll be in trouble!

Guahhh… that ends this episode’s review. More stuff happened but ehh… it wasn’t cool enough to talk about. So until next time, happy watching, and watch out for those anus gillian! See ya!

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