Bleach: Episode 282

Love Pulling Rose out of rubble

So… a gay orchestra conductor with a whip and a tracksuit-wearing black dude with a spiked dildo. Get hit by any of their weapons and it’s a thousand years of embarrassment. Next thing you know, Haado Gei (Hard Gay) Razor Ramon is going to thrust his way into making a cameo appearance. All I know is that I wouldn’t want to run into any of these guys on the street.

Love's Spiked dildo

Starrk: “Wtf?”

Metal Cactus going in for the kill

Love: “Black cactus dildo action!”

Rose - Gay Orchestra Conductor

Rose: “Hey!…. let’s tie him up!”

Rose and Love

Both Gay Guys: “Okay! Let’s do it!”

Love - Spiked-dildo SMASH!

Love: “Anus-Blowing Cactus!”

Starrk About to get Hit

Starrk: “Wtf?”

Starrk - Anus on fire!! NOOO!!!

Starrk’s wreck-tom gets torn asunder with fire.

starrk on the ground

Starrk: “Guhhh wtf was that all about?”

Starrk wants sleep

Getting hit by a dildo and then sleeping it off. I don’t blame him! Who the hell wants to fight against that shit? It’s like fighting a homeless person! Even if you win, you lose! You can’t brag to your friends about beating up the white dude with the gay whip or the black dude with the spiked dildo. It’s the lose-lose situation!

Sadly, ya gotta do something about it. Because the only thing more embarrassing than having people know that you beat up a gay whip guy and a guy with a spiked dildo weapon, is having people know that they killed you instead.

Starrk's hatecrime k9 crew

Luckily, Starrk and Lilinette have some attack dogs that discriminate against gays and black people! Hate Crime Wolves, I choose you!

Love and Rose surroudned by bitches

A new meaning to being surrounded by bitches. Or… maybe this is the ORIGINAL meaning… har harrrrr…

Rose and Love's bum clothes

Wolves have turned their clothes into ghetto style. It is the Los Angeles Skid Row Special, dawg. Starrk goes in to end the battle…

Starrk Shanked

… when suddenly a sword pops up out of his guts!?!?

Maybe Haado Gei is making a cameo appearance after all!?!?!

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