Bleach: Episode 288

So, this episode was 20 minutes of Ichigo and Captain Unohana running through the Garganta. Couldn’t they have just teleported real quick? I mean, does it really take a full episode to go from Hueco Mundo to the real world?

Consider this episode more of a filler than anything. Ahh… let’s just say it was a filler without being called a filler. It would have probably been like one or two pages of the manga, but expanded to cover twenty’ish minutes of airtime.

You bastard animators. You’re slacking almost as much as I am… zing… Anyways, it wasn’t a complete loss. This might have been the most airtime Captain Unohana has ever gotten…. maybe.

Hopefully the next episode will have some more action. Usually they tend to make a few episodes which are kind of dull, then compensate the following ep. with lots of fighting or whatever. Guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

Aizen says, “Talk to the finger Ichigo. Can’t touch this!”

… He’s heeeaaating up…

He’s on fire!!

Captain Kenpachi and Captain Morgan must be related…

Lazy bastard Byakuya is just chillin’ on the sidelines.

Krauser-san’s Demon Jewel has made its way into Bleach.

As you can see from Nemu’s hair style, it appears that even the Public Obscenity Cut has made its way into Bleach. I’m surprised I didn’t catch it earlier!

Yup… Aizen just slashed you somehow…


Kurotsuchi Mayuri grows weary of this episode.

Isane goes for Renji’s breast while he and Chado are taking naptime in the desert.

Unohana wants you to come at her, bro.

Kenpachi: “ROCK-DOOKEN!”

Yammy: “Aw man.. w..what the f…”

Yammy decides to take naptime in the desert too.

Yammy: “OUUWAHHH!!! I NEED BATHROOM!!” (Don’t you just hate when that happens. JUST when you’re about to fall asleep…)

Okay okay, so SOME STUFF did happen. As you can see from the pictures, Kenpachi and Yammy had a beatdown competition, which wasn’t half bad. You can at least look forward to that fight when you watch the episode.

This episode review was made possible thanks to SGKK Fansubs (once again). Thanks! And here’s a link to the torrent!

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