Detroit Metal City Episode 01: PV / Sick Murderer

Finally, a show for people who have a sense of humor! So far, one of the greatest shows of all time. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it so long as you’re not a dumb nub. And if you’re viewing this site, you’re already one leap ahead of the rest.

Krauser II from Detroit Metal City

If you’re fapping right now instead watching Detroit Metal City, then you better give your left hand a break and watch this show asap! If you’ve never seen it, you’re seriously missing out.

The story takes place in teh fantastic world of Japan, of all places. Our main character, Souichi Negishi is on a mission to become a trendy pop star, like your sister probably. The only problem is, he’s only managed to land a position as the front man for the death metal band, Detroit Metal City. Fuuuuuuuuu!

Souichi Negishi on the Train

Here’s Negishi on his way to Tokyo to become a big homo (pop star). Notice the bowl haircut, or “public obscenity cut.” You’ll know what I’m talking about soon enough. Just cut your hair in this style now. You’ll thanks me later.

Here’s the main cast in and out of their DMC attire.

detroit metal city

First is the lead vocalist and lead guitarist, Krauser II, who is basically Negishi. Then, the fire-blowing bassist Jagi by Wada, and finally perverted pig drummer Camus by Nishida.

Let’s not forget the band’s manager.

dmc manager

commenting on her soaking wet — you’ll see.

Then there’s Negishi’s love interest, Yuri Aikawa.


What a hot piece. She’s not into death metal though, because she’s as dumb as most girls. Doorknob status. We’ll see how this works out later on in the series.

bitch pig of capitalism

Lastly, we can’t forget about the Bitch Pig of Capitalism. There’s a little bitch pig of capitalism in all of us… Some with the rubber ball and leather mask; some without. You’ll learn more about him later on as well.

Finally… the most epic scene in this episode.

best scene detroit metal city

So, at this point, if you don’t want to see this series yet, then you better just kill yourself already. Until next time, happy watching!

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