Detroit Metal City Episode 07: Tower / Confession

It’s been a while since I’ve checked out a Detroit Metal City episode. But really, how could I forget how awesome this show is??? Motherfucking DMC crazy guys, FUCK!

In this episode, Negishi makes a surprise visit at Tokyo Tower. Talk about going out of your way for your fans! By far this is one of the greatest DMC episodes simply because it has Krauser tapping the shit out of the tower LOL! “TOKYO TOWER IS ENJOYING IT!!!” Ahahah!

The 2nd part of the episode is pretty epic as well, with Krauser making a special appearance at the carnival and Negishi spying on Aikawa and Asano’s little date thing. (Which by the way is total mind rape) Negishi should have just told that dum bish Yuri not to go with gay producer Asano. But on the other hand, why the hell would she even ask? Girl playing them female mind games, man. But as a guy, you can’t really say no without looking like a bish yourself. So what do you do?

You give her the ol’ Nymphomatic Wheel of Punishment! YEA! Read on!

Negishi with his gay pink bunny rabbit sweater. Every night after he comes home, he checks Kahimi Karie’s website while drinking tea. Every night when I come home, I check some websites while performing public obscenity rape on myself. And then I write a blog entry.

How lucky of her. She shall bear the offspring of the Demon King.

LoL @ typing with only your index fingers.

Krauser’s makeup is all jacked up because of no mirror. Looks pretty wicked though!

Hardcore fans. You know you have a loyal crowd when they offer to be your sacrifices. RAPE!

Speedy Satsugai Quick Kill Version!

*dink dink dink dink dink* LoL Watch the episode. It sounds like road construction in this scene. hahah

Ooh Tokyo Tower, you lewd wench…

*dink dink dink dink dink* Krauser’s Hatred Speed Fuck!

It’s all wet!

Ahahah grotesque manners! GO TO DMC!

That’s the end of the first part. Here’s the 2nd part of the episode, where we catch Negishi, Yuri-chan, and Asano at some carnival.

Ooh the enjoyment…

LoL Negishi peeping tom.

See the jealousy with his rosy-ass cheeks. Negishi uses sneer! It is not that effective!

I ask myself this nearly every day when I’m at work.

Welcome back, Krauser-sama! KILL ME!

Justice Squad: Victory Three. They’re like the power rangers, but there’s only three of them, and only one of them is cool. Just watch, you’ll see.

The guy all the way to the right looks kind of like Negishi. Actually, it seems like a few people in the audience are sporting the “Public Obscenity Cut!” Sweet!

Strong poses.

One of DMC’s fans is actually the guy in the Victory Red suit. LoL

Child, you will not want to wager your life in laying hands with the Demon King!

Victory Red saves the day! Filthy Peasant child!

The kid’s mom tries to scold Krauser, but he retaliates with “Public Adultery.”

HA! When Asano approaches Krauser-san, Victory Red attacks the producer with the swift uppercut of fortitude.

Finally, Krauser pulls Aikawa from the crowd. Looks like it’s time for “The Public Repentance of Death!” Admit your sins, and face the consequences of your perverted actions!

I’d like to hear that song…

He just might!

I’m going to have to use this pose.

Krauser spins Yuri-chan around in circles, fittingly known as the “Nymphomaniac Wheel of Punishment!

The “Nymphomaniac Wheel of Punishment” has become a visual interpretation of “The Bitch’s Black Panties!” Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape!

A loyal fan never misses a concert. Go Victory Red! And GO TO DMC! GO TO DMC! GO TO DMC!

Thanks again to Scum Scans for the fansubbing. And here’s the link to the torrent!

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