Detroit Metal City Episode 08: Promise / Alternation

In this episode, Negishi and the band are recording their album, but Negishi can’t get in the mood. This episode is pretty damn funny as usual. I still hold this show as one of the funniest shits I’ve ever watched.

Ohh yes, let that tantrum flow. That’s Negishi recording the vocals, while imagining being at a snack shop and not being able to get his favorite dessert because they ran out.

Meanwhile, Camus rocks out like a filthy beast of a human while he yells out his profanities. URINATION!

By the way, throughout the show, keep a close eye on Camus because he does some funny ass stuff. You’ll catch him doing weird twitches and touching his pants n stuff. Just watch, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

So anyways, while Negishi is being a little weakling, he reads his fan letters. This one gives him inspiration to come back and record with fury. P.S. the guy’s name isn’t “Fukat.” Actually, I took the screen cap too soon :p har har.

Krauser arrives at Fukat’s house with gift basket in hand. LoL such expression Krauser-san…

Krauser-san talking to the blonde bag of flesh at the left. If the boy (Fukat) goes through with his operation, Krauser will…

… yes that’s right.


NO! Krauser-san!

Waste of human flesh! You made Krauser-san risk his life just so you could go ahead and have a circumcision! Krauser-san will give you 11 Rapes in the mouth!

The second half of the episode is about DMC’s live interview at the music store. At the same time, it’s Aikawa’s birthday next door at some cafe. Ooh what will Negishi ever do? Go to both of course! You’ll get to see what happens when Negishi and Krauser switch roles too fast one after another. Buhah…

Been working out. You mirin’ jobrah?

LoL hahaha

Fucking clitoris woman!!

Don’t miss this episode, it’s a good one!

See you next time! Go! To! DMC!

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