High School of the Dead Episode 02: Escape from the Dead

Saya Takagi-chan Ooh

So, looks like Takagi-chan is going to be a main character after all. And it looks like she either has a nerd fetish or is a chubby chaser, or maybe she likes short guys. Or should could be into guys who are odd military-gun fanatics. Could be one of those… or all four LoL. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime where one of the girls is into some short, bloated geek — at least, not since Bamboo Blade. (Hmm maybe we’ll check that out sometime.)

Cue Kohta Hirano. He was in the first episode, but we didn’t get his name. So, while I wasn’t sure if he was going to be sticking around for long, it now looks like he will be.

Hirano Pervert Steamboat

Kohta Hirano pervert steamboat

Usually, you see every female character chasing around the phaggy-time dude with the Rod Stewart haircut. But not this time around!

So, if YOU happen to be a chubbs mcgee or are a nerd with bottle-cap glasses, or are shorter than all your friends, and you feel like nobody likes you, don’t worry about it. You know what they say, there’s always someone for everyone hahah. And if you’re lucky enough, that person might be some pink-haired cutie. Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape!

Likewise, if you’re a girl and you have no clue, your night in shining armor could very-well be the fat pig nerd guy with the military-gun fetish like Kohta, or even… the bitch pig of capitalism. Yea yea yea… you say “No way!”, but the bitch pig and the bloated geek have their strong points.

Hirano - Anger of a Thousand Perverts

Hirano Please

So, one of the cool parts of this episode was the part with the nail gun. Takagi and Kohta hide in one of the classrooms, which happens to have a bunch of tools lying around. I didn’t know they did the whole “Shop Class” thing in Japan.

Hirano Takagi Nailgun 1

Ooh what’s this? a Nail Gun?? Tis time to do the deathmatch?? Kohta uses the tools to turn that ordinary red nailgun into this super accurate nailgun rifle!

Kohta Hirano Nailgun 2

Tis time for head shots!

First thing that came to mind was this…

quake nailgun nail gun

If you don’t know what this is, you need to GTFO and download Quake 1. So anyways, they get out of the classroom with Kohta doing the mad BOOM HEADSHOTS on all of the zombies.

Nailgun action time

Boom Headshot 1

Boom Headshot 2


Zombie Down 1


Meanwhile, we’re introduced to two more main characters. Remember in the previous review, where I posted that pic of the blonde girl using her bewbs as nappy-time pillows? That’s Shizuka Marikawa-sensei, the school nurse.

… which brings us to… *drum roll* this episode’s FAN SERVICE OF THE DAY *clap clap clap* Enjoy! :

Shizuka Marikawa-sensei

… Oh yes it is…

Marikawa-sensei trips 1

Marikawa-sensei trips 2

Marikawa-sensei trips 3

By far, a body so nice and soft that the top and bottom get their own sound effects when they move. Watch the episode, and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.

That’s  no good, Marikawa-sensei… you can’t move freely with such a tight skirt. Why don’t we do something about that?

Marikawa-sensei Skirt Rip 1


Marikawa-sensei Skirt Rip 2


Shizuka-chan is upset >_<

Sorry Shizuka-chan, we had to. 🙂

She’s stuck in her office when a group of perv zombies break in to get at ‘dem tittays. Group motorboat time, son!

Party over here, zombies!

Boobies thissa way, HOOOOOOOO!!!!! What a dynamic entry!

Lemme holla at cha... lemme holla!

S’cuse me, we heard there were chesticles over here. Pics or ban, miss?

Unfortunately, Saeko Busujima comes to cock block with her auto-aim sword. Kendo club I’m guessing? Yea… professional cock blocker at your service. In any case, thanks for keeping Shizuka-chan safe for me.

Saeko Busujima Hits

Busujima Double Hit

Busujima Saeko with Boken

But really? A practice sword? (boken) How long do you think she’s gonna be able to get by with that thing? Hmmm… well, I guess if Takashi can get away with using just a baseball bat for protection, a boken in the right hands should be fine. Still, I give Kohta the award for the coolest weapon of this episode. BOOM! HEADSHOT! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape!

By now, Kohta and Takagi are out of their classroom, doing tests by throwing piss rags at the zombies. Seems they don’t mind.

Takagi-chan soaks peepee rag

Towely banned

Looks like the zombies can’t really see, and they can’t really feel pain or touch. But they can hear and possibly smell. So, as long as Kohta doesn’t fart out of his pig ass, they should be able to escape safely.

To their dismay, the zombies start to close in anyways. Party over here, son! The fat bastard must have alerted the horde with his ass horn. Damnnnnn! Takagi, it is time for reloadings! Do not complainings! More ammo is in need! So, Kohta needs some more nails for the nail rifle, but instead Takagi just yammers away. Bish, u want to die!?

One of the zombies sneaks up behind her, and she panics and screams but manages to kill it with what seemed to be a belt sander to the face.

What is this? Belt sander?

Face Sanded Yes...

Nice… This is the kind of traumatic event that turns a girl into a freak in the sheets. Bow chicka bow wow

Luckily, our other main characters hear her, and they arrive to the scene to help out with the horde. So now, all the survivors are together, and they find another classroom to hide in.

Yup Traumatized

And then what?? Takagi-chan… with… glasses.

Takagi with glasses


That’s right debu, you know you like it.

This review was made possible by the cool dude(s) at Coal Guys. To watch this episode, click here for the torrent link!

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