High School of the Dead Episode 03: “Democracy Under the Dead”


PANTIES!!!!!!! Ahhh, so this is the start of Episode 3, huh? What an interesting Anime. Let’s watch further shall we?

Well of course, the news has to cover everything that goes on. People in the city are going apeshit because of the zombies trolling around everywhere. When this reporter is live near an ambulance, corpses in body bags start becoming boners, and then eventually turn into zombies. Of course, the news reporter and the police outside die because they get swarmed by the zombies. Yep, officers remember that your guns don’t have unlimited ammo. You can’t get your kill streaks here!


So , of course after watching people die on national television, people now know to stay inside their homes. What they don’t know is that sounds attract the zombies! NOOBS!!! Prepare to die anyways!!


So, like me, you guys probably thought it was only the High School that had zombies. Nope. WTF!??!!? It turned out that the whole world was going into mass hysteria, with people going apeshit and pooping their pants from the fear. Why did this happen? I guess we will have to keep watching in order to find out…


I always thought the nurse (Shizuka Marikawa) was a dumb, ditzy blonde, but I guess I’m wrong. She’s actually very knowledgeable in health and medicine. Too bad I didn’t really care what she was saying though, because her ginormous boobies were jiggling everywhere!

After debating on how to survive and kill the zombies, the group decides to stick together and to help others only if possible, not exposing themselves to unnecessary dangers.


Ooops, cut off one if the heads 😛 You know that when a strike-force (let’s call them the A Team” is assembled, the epic-ness will ensue!


Even secretly perverted fat nerdy boy (Kohta Hirano) is dedicated to killing zombies with his nail gun, modified by Home Depot!! Quite nice actually, he turned it into a fake rifle haha.

So the A Team kids are trying to bust out of the High School when they hear other students screaming. Of course the zombies are going to go after them for being pansies and screaming. The A Team of course, busts out their incredible kah-rah-tay fighting skills and beat the zombies senseless, rescuing the pansies. After rescuing them, they all move to bust out together.


The kids are very close to an exit point of the school when the conceited smartass genius biatch (Saya Takagi) makes a very helpful observation to the group. Apparently the zombies don’t see things, but they hear things. I don’t know how they don’t hear the A team on the stairs 10 feet away from them, even though they have a heightened sense of hearing 😛


In order to test out biatch lady’s theory, Takashi Komuro goes and stands in the middle of all the zombies. I give this mofo props! He’s got balls of steel that are even bigger than Krauser-San when he’s raping the Tokyo Tower in public!


OH NO!!!! Takashi DIES!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha no I’m just kidding… it was a very close call though. Luckily he survived… I hope he cleaned up his pants afterwards… I would have poopoo’d in my pants.

Free at last right?! WRONG!!! Some dumbshit student ended up tapping his staff on the stairway, causing all the zombies to focus on him…. There’s always that ONE person that screws things up for everyone.



Of course, the only thing you can do once the zombies are locked in on you is … RUN LIKE HELL!!! And beat everything around you to smithereens!!!

Well of course, the dumbass kid with the staff dies. I’m sure you guys all knew that already. Here’s a picture of him dying for you guys and gals. Let’s take a moment to laugh.


You deserve to die dumbass.

Stupid genius biatch lady Saya Takagi gets angry at Fatty for interrupting her during her sentence, while he saves biatch by killing the zombie that was about to kill her. Talk about being an ungrateful whore!


When she saw this face, she somehow could not resist, and shrugged it off. She secretly likes him, and wants to have millions of babies with him!

So they get to a bus outside….  And right then…. More students and a teacher (Koichi Shido) run out the school’s doors screaming for them to wait a few more minutes!


One of them sprains their ankle…..


And you’d expect the teacher to save him right? Let’s have a look…


This is what happens when you get too excited watching an epic porno. Hahaha just kidding!  Just when you thought this teacher would help, nope, I guess not. Teacher’s relentless! Gives him the good ol’ FALCON KICK!!!!!!!!!!! And leaves the student behind. What a damn hardcore teacher!! HE GOT DENIED!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shizuka, big boob nurse actually can DRIVE!! SHE DRIFTS A BUS!!!!!!!!! Look at that awesomeness!

So later at night, Rei doesn’t want to be around the evil prick of a teacher Koichi so she gets off the bus, with Takashi following after her. At the same time, an out of control bus carrying zombies crashes into a tunnel, separating Rei and Takashi from the rest of the group….

Stay tuned for the next episode’s review!!!

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