High School of the Dead Episode 04: Running in the Dead

I’d like to start this episode off with the FAN SERVICE OF THE DAY *clap clap clap* The pictures don’t really do it justice. Just watch the episode, and I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think they would take it this far in this series LoL!

Rei Boob Grab 1

Hmm what’s in here? Pink…

Grab Rei 2

WHAT? Boobies!?

Sick Loser

If.. I don’t what? Have a spare do-rag?

Dude, talk about super rapist action. This foo should have already been dead, all touching up Rei like some kind of phaggor. You know what happens when you feel up on someone’s girl?

Takashi Shoots Rapist 1

Takashi Gun 2

Bang! That’s what happens.

Takashi Shoots Rapist 3

Good thing Takashi was able to steal this revolver from the police.

police car smashed

Thank you, garbage man! Time for the stealings!

Rei checks the police car

Well, they were dead, so I guess it doesn’t really count as stealing. The whole time, I thought they were zombies… but nope… nope… just dead. :p

Free revolver

Thanks, police for arranging everything nice and neat before that dump truck crashed into your police car. Somehow, all these items were in the perfect spot LoL.

So, basically half of this episode was a recap of the first three. Not too sure why they had to do a recap NAO — it’s not like I forgot what was going on already. But whatevs. Maybe it’s to help prevent filler episodes, which would be most foolish since we’re only like four episodes into the series LoL.

Takashi and Rei Riding

This episode revolved mainly around Takashi and Rei riding around on the dirtbike they stole from the previous episode, and stealing gas and stuff because everybody’s dead. How troublesome… at least it’s all free kinda..

What's that?

Takashi and Rei’s spider senses tingling. What is it!?

Jet in the air

A jet? Wtf!?

Towards the end of the episode, a jet fighter flies by them and takes a shot of Rei’s boobs. OKAY, he took a picture of both Rei and Takashi, but he was probably focussing on Rei. Freaking JDM Air Force and their sniper cams, man.

Plane next to Rei and Takashi

rei boob shot

And I doubt he’s planning to help them out. He just kind of breaks the sound barrier in their face and bones out. Probably late for dinner or some shit; no time to help these high schoolers LoL. He’s all like…”Wtf are these fools doing on this dirtbike?? I guess I’ll just take a picture for my fap collection and leave! Peace!”

This episode would not have been possible without the cool subbers at Darksoul Fansubs. Thanks dudes! Here’s a link to the torrent!

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